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What do we call a person who behaves with a complete lack of morality and ethics?

A corporation. Fourteenth Banker:

This article is by an aggrieved victim who actually won compensation in a court of law.   However, the damages were paid by a famous upscale enterprise and there was no individual accountability for fraud.  Quote:

But over those same two decades I’ve grown disgusted by what corporate America has become. Several words come to mind: venal, corrupt, conniving, irresponsible, unaccountable, amoral. All are accurate, but none alone captures the extent of decay that has left us with a truly rotten system.

Corporations have mutated from organizations that once generated jobs, products and prosperity for the country into voracious, impenetrable monsters legally required to put their own selfish interests first. The result: Corporations now enjoy powers and privileges historically reserved for monarchs, and, like monarchs, the people who run them are largely insulated from the consequences of their actions.

[Human] irrationality is there and should be studied and mitigated, but it does not replace the moral dimensions or consequences of actions. ... The elementary rule may be summed up in many faiths or no faith. ”First, do no harm.” “Love your neighbor as yourself.” ” Do unto others…”

So what we have today are systems that transgress against society by violating these most elementary and universally held values. And we allow no individual consequence of any proportionality to the transgression. Should we be surprised with what transpires?

No. Only a flat earth economist would be surprised.

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