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What do the fucking Democrats mean by "relatively small" cuts to Social Security and Medicare?

MSNBC floats a trial balloon for this year's Grand Bargain:

Democrats prefer a mix of tax increases and relatively small cuts in Medicare, Social Security and other spending.

Wait, wait, I can answer my own question!

They mean "small cuts" year after year after year after year after year so both programs can be gutted and turned into "Marketplaces" that work, or not, just like ObamaCare. That is what they mean.

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Good questions, and thank for this post, Lambert.

My guess is that the CBO Study (which is what MSNBC is basing its on report on, right?) had to use this wording, since the Republican's 2014 Budget (the Ryan Budget) does NOT call for specific cuts to Social Security at all. (unlike the President's 2014 Budget).

Now, the Ryan Budget does, however, call for a bipartisan process, whereby both the president and congressional leaders would be required to propose plans to restore 75-year sustainable solvency to the program.

(And I've read that it would like yield very serious cuts to Social Security via the recommended "bipartisan" process. I'm still trying to see if I can get the specifics on that "process.")

Anyway, bottom line--CBO is forced to word their study in such a manner as to "give cover to" the Dems.

[In fairness, the Ryan Budget DOES go after the Medicare and Medicaid programs with even bigger cuts that the Dems--which are quiet deep, in spite of MSM reporting.]

Heck, the way that Medicaid is presently expanded and constructed (with MERP), I'm more and more in favor of absolutely doing away with it (and putting all the beneficiaries in Medicare).

Why is it that these individuals are "not deserving of" the same health care that our seniors and medically disabled receive?

Regarding MSNBC--they've turned into an extension of the DNC, or maybe I should say the White House.

IMO, they are as bad as Fox News (shilling for a party, that is--even though some of their reporting is more accurate).

Have you by any chance listened to Sharpton, O'Donnell, Matthews, Maddow or "Big Eddie," lately?

The only commentator that I can stomach anymore, is Chris Hayes.

BTW--MSNBC is really beginning to "pull out all the stops!"

Check this out:

Mediaite has learned from a senior source in the cable news industry with knowledge of MSNBC’s programming that actor Alec Baldwin is getting his own weekly show in MSNBC’s primetime lineup.

According to our source, the so far untitled show will air Fridays at 10 p.m. ET and will feature a large dose of Baldwin’s outspoken liberal politics.

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And, right on time, the method behind the "small cuts" madness comes to light. Hiltzik in the LATimes:

You may be hearing a lot about the Inform Act in a few weeks. ... Inform stands for the Intergenerational Financial Obligations Reform Act .... For years Kotlikoff has been pushing the notion of "generational theft" ....

Kotlikoff says the remedy is "generational accounting," which compares spending today with a calculation of the tax burden it places on tomorrow's taxpayers. ...

For starters, generational accounting doesn't make a distinction between spending and investment. ... lots of government spending can't be analyzed on a cost-benefit basis....

[A-a-a-and then we get to the point ...] Kotlikoff's view of Social Security and Medicare, which is that they're devices for the old to rip off the young, is especially faulty. ...

The virtue of the Inform Act, Kotlikoff maintains, is that it's politically neutral.

"There's no agenda here," he says. ....[Hahahahahahahaha.]

The group bills itself as a grass-roots anti-deficit lobby for today's younger generations but actually has links to hedge fund billionaire Peter G. Peterson

So, that'll be the drum they beat this time, I'm guessing. "Oh you horrible people grabbing all the money, ripping off the young and defenceless."

Here we go again.

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Corrente (lets?) mentioned this legislation, not too long ago.

IOW, this "gimmick" might be used to ram through a "Grand Bargain."

Part of the problem IS the massive propaganda campaign that's been under way for at least the last decade (brought to us by Pete Peterson, former CBO Director David Walker (now there is a "piece of work" if I've ever seen one, LOL!), etc.

I don't have access to my older laptop right now (that has most of my bookmarks), but I've read a couple of pieces about how even members of the President's Fiscal Commission "hit the road" together, in order to frighten college students with "fiscal crisis and collapse" propaganda.

Paul Ryan and that "liberal union leader" (snark intended) Andy Stern even did numerous "show and tell" appearances, in order to draw support from young people to eviscerate the social safety net programs.

I've never "clipped" any of Walker's C-Span appearances, but maybe I will. It's hard to know whether to laugh or cry, when you watch this dude.

And what he and his ilk are doing is unconscionable. But since the Dems are leading the push to "cut entitlements," there is clearly no organized push back from "the left" against these powerful astro-turf organizations.

What to do?

I wish I knew. {Sigh!}

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Well, know your enemy, and other people do care, and have to be communicated with to get them out of that box.