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Never listen to anybody who wanted to privatize Social Security*. Read the whole thing, but here's the bottom line:

[R]egardless of their motivation, anyone who was pushing privatization, which was sweeping the nation just three years ago, is no longer credible, period. As bad as things are with the housing crisis, the banking crisis, the stock market crash and the recession, if they had passed social security privatization during their 15 year or so crusade, the results would now be catastrophic.

Again, why are we listening to them?

"We" aren't.

Again, the Village is wrong. The hippies were right. Who could have predicted?

NOTE And that would include Commerce Secretaries designate, Mr. Breath-of-Fresh-Air.

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deep doo-doo, politically. The media love memes, to our peril.

I'm still shaking my head about that CNN headline about mockery and bellowing.

The stupidity, which passes for journalism, is not going to add to CNN's coffers.