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What Could Holder be Thinking

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The US Attorneys, including the replacements Bush/Rove installed to be good Bushies, are being asked to stay on ( I'm ok with Fitzgerald for a lot of reasons. However, this includes such notables as Mary Beth Buchanan and Alice Martin. Not only are they not being investigated for possible prosecution (Martin's role in the the Siegelman case is one of the things Conyers wants to question Rove about, for example) but they are not even being fired. The opportunity to pick up the remains of Carol Lamm's prosecutions are being passed by; Jerry Lewis gets a pass. Politically motivated investigations and prosecutions of Democrats are ok, it seems. This isn't post partisan, it's pretending that Republican partisanship doesn't matter. That's delusional.

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Submitted by jawbone on

or is this another example of how Dems and the people in general are getting the "We are so bipartisaned!" treatment.

Or, 111 dimension chess (no typo on the number) where they're keeping them in place the better to investigate them?

Still, say wha'?

Reeks of Obama-style bipartisanship: No Repubs will be able to say he fired all the past administration's USattys.

Still, OMG.

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Submitted by DCblogger on

Obama would not have gotten one percent in Iowa if we had known about this.

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Submitted by gqmartinez on

Obama's administartion is only one month old. How can he find a few dozen lawyers with sufficient resumes in one month (if you ignore the transition months where this stuff should be worked on)?

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Submitted by pie on

about five queasy moments today. Glad about Fitzgerald, but you have to wonder about some of the rest.

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Submitted by pie on

of which this country is not in short supply, it's lawyers. I find it hard to believe that there aren't at least 50 out there looking for a job.

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Submitted by chicago dyke on

let me just say: i'm only the family member to some, and sex object of (non family) other, lawyers, but even *i* could come up with a list 50-1000 go-getting, 99.9%tile, experts in (fill in your policy geek-on area) law types to stuff the entire DoJ or any other element of the fed gov't with lobster food great legalists willing to do my bidding or the work of a newfound Populist Agenda. really, it's laughable easy to do. and bonus: when you hire the young, brilliant, and dedicated to their cause to a degree some would call 'obession,' you know what often happens? you get...results. and prosecutions. and even indictments.

we here all know what this is about. nothing to see here, Citizens. move along. never mind past malfeasance, law breaking, torture, etc. keeping the Village fat and happy and the party circuit just the way it is. isn't that what is most important? to us all?

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Submitted by Sarah on

which would be good for the government's budget, no?

It's not Amateur Hour if they're doing it on purpose. And my patience with American Idol ran out on the second commercial (Survivor? That still gets TV time? Gak!) -- so you know where I'm headed, right?

Get a bunch of hungry young wannabe-Spitzer/Fitzgeralds in there. Start with the torture, go through to the FISA, work out the PATRIOT ACT engineering -- and if you can find enough rope, get Phil Gramm, too (I almost hate to think he couldn't be sent to Gitmo).

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Submitted by chicago dyke on

ache just now, dearest O. but yes, i appreciate your snark. i'm also reading a history of some 18thc legalists before and after the revolution, between tiling projects. it's...illuminating, to say the least.

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Submitted by bringiton on

Grout porn pictures, please.

Submitted by ohio on

And you can make something pretty.

I am researching...wait for it...anvils.

Yeah huh, really. Blacksmithing neighbor wants me to start apprenticing next week (he is rebuilding his forge and we may build me a big fuckoff kiln) so i thought I'd start looking for tools. I don't really need an anvil, but I figured I'd look at those and then convince myself that 10-lb hammers would be a lot easier to move around than a fuckoff anvil. I love hammers. Bam bam, job done. And those blacksmiths use like fifty-six different kinds, and I love that.

Anvils. Help me jeebus.

Submitted by hipparchia on

jackson pollock, with sharp edges, maybe.

those look like they're fun to make. are you going to post instructions for us? or did you do that already and i missed it?

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Submitted by bringiton on

No suck, none at all, so knock that shit off. They are brilliant, gorgeous, spectacular. Made me smile, which is more than I can say for most anything else around here for a while, so thank you for that.

CD, a sparkling ray of sunshine on a cloudy day! Who could have predicted?

That octopus made me hungry....

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Submitted by a little night ... on

You're making me think of how I can beautify my apartment with trash. I think this deserves its own post - like Sarah's 5-dollar meals and so on. Home decoration for the Second Great Depression.

Of course, I've been so absent lately, you probably did a post on this stuff and I missed it. [cringes in shame]

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Submitted by inna on

Obama, not Bush, now seeking delay of Rove deposition:

- read that article if you haven't done it yet, it's... interesting.

(heh, i wonder what Obama's 'progressive base' thinks about that one.
in fact, out of (morbid) curiousity, i think i'll go see what's happening on the DU and dkos... ~ )

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Submitted by Sarah on

have you ever read that children's book about the ikon the English kids made to give as a gift?
they used toffee wrappers for the colors.

Damn, wish I could remember the name. Read it in junior high, and it made me cry.

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Submitted by BDBlue on

Not at Main DOJ or in the trenches, where they can be a big asset, but in US Attorney jobs. You need experience for a job like that, which includes legal decisions and managing hundreds of people and handling political/media issues. Lawyers are already notoriously bad managers. Inexperienced lawyers doing it? Bah.

Having said that, Eric Holder was the DAG and US Attorney in DC, he must know hundreds, if not thousands, of experienced, qualified lawyers. Same thing for the Obamas. Lawyers always know tons of lawyers. Not to mention the lists they usually get from Senators and the state bars for each USAO district.

Plus, each USAO should have an experienced First Assistant US Attorney who could run things in the absence of a political appointee for a few weeks or months. Entire Departments and agencies are being run that way. A USA is not usually indispensable and a bad one can do way more harm than simply having a vacant position.

Maybe you have a particular case, like in Illinois, where a USA needs to be kept on, but I doubt that's true for all of these districts. Most USAs (of either party) aren't anywhere near the level of Pat Fitzgerald.