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What can't the Dems say the "A" word?

Henry Waxman, one of the good guys:

House Democrats on Thursday accused the administration of poorly managing the recovery effort, saying 70 percent of $10 billion in recovery and reconstruction funds were awarded to contractors without competitive bids.

"There is no question that incompetence by the Republican administration and their leaders in Congress, the lack of open government and honest leadership is a campaign issue," said Rep. Henry Waxman (news, bio, voting record) of California, the top Democrat on the House Government Reform Committee.

What's the "A" word?




Had enough? Then hold the Republicans accountable!

C'mon, guys. Accountability is easy to say, and it sums up all the issues, from the way-too-mild incomptence all the way up to restoring the Constitutional system of checks and balances.

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