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This bill guarantees that people who are not eligible for other (and better) insurance policies will have some sort of tax-payer subsidized insurance policy. It won't have to be a good insurance policy. There is no guarantee that it will deliver health care. It just means the taxpayers will give more money to insurance companies and the IRS will beat your ass if you don't buy one of their crummy policies. This bill may be the final nail in the coffin of any good debate on health care in the United States. And we can't afford it. This is just one more leg kicked out of the economy. Nye Bevan saved his country by getting the National Health Service up and running. Obama may have killed ours with this bill alone.

But you keep hearing about the good stuff that's in the bill, yeah? People keep saying wonderful things are in there. Are there? Read it and weep. The Teabaggers may be spreading pernicious myths about the health insurance bill, but they are not a patch on the Obamarahma myths about how great this bill is.


The most dangerous lunatics are those who present as sane, heh heh. Hence, the doublethink, the doubletalk, and so forth.

As I keep saying, the only difference between the Rs and the Ds is that the Rs are quite forthright about killing "life unworthy of life," and the Ds have the same policy goals, but attribute the outcomes they favor to impersonal forces they can't control.

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But, but, but the One did what no other president had been able to do. And, and, and I was part of that change.

I think the fools in all of this are we who actually advocate for improved quality of life for all the bastards too lazy or mystified by corporate marketing to actually do any type of critical analysis.

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is anyone else sick of turning on the few corporate 'liberals' and getting nothing but a re-hash of what Rush,Back and Fux news are saying?

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They're called the "professional liberal class." Or maybe we should simply resurrect the famous term from the '80s "limousine liberals."

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All requests for donations to anything for Democrats or the party will be returned ... I'll use their postage paid envelopes and just send them back empty. No explanation for why I would spend their money without giving them a hint as to why. They need to receive millions of empty envelopes to the tune of probably .75 each since it seems the only thing they hear is the sound of money!!

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Postal regulations forbid it. The holder of the postage paid permit pays the postage only for returned envelopes at the time they are returned.

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with no return address and accidentally forgotten postage (or a 2 cent stamp) least a certain number of them will show up at the other end "Postage Due."

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Every single letter they send you begging for money, use their pre-paid envelope to write back to them.

You can say you don't give money to right-wing organizations.

You can say, "You already took all our money to give to bankers and insurance con-men. You'll have to get your money from your new masters, now."

You can say, "I think I'll just give you what you gave me: Nothing."

You can have a form letter ready every time, or a new one every time.

But make them spend that fucking stamp. It's all you'll get from them.

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and have had quite a good time with it. I send them back everything that came in the original envelope, too - might as well make it has heavy as possible, right? A couple of times I cut the materials up in little pieces and mailed them back - that was very satisfying.

I almost always scribble my opinions on their mailings; when they ask, "won't you please consider a donation?" I write something like, "Not one thin dime," or "perhaps when hell freezes over."

The surveys provide excellent opportunities to vent, so I do.

And always - always - mailed at their expense, as paying for postage is, apparently, the least they can do; if they could do more, they might get more, but I am done handing over money for nothing.