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What Alex Pareene still has not figured out about 2008

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Forgive me for linking to this ridiculous Alex Pareene article about a possible Hillary run in 2016; but something needs to be said.

Obama didn't win in 2008 because of his oh-so-brilliant campaign. He won because he lied. Obama is the biggest con since Enron.

Obama saw the Dean bubble, and drew the right conclusions; that while The Powers That Be would never permit an actual liberal to win the nomination, there was huge support for a liberal among the base. And he concluded rightly that he was perfectly positioned to con the base.

So Obama reminded everyone that he had made a speech in 2003 opposing the war in Iraq. Obama said that he would protect social security (only those paying close attention could work out that he meant protect as in protection racket). Obama said if workers were denied their right to collective bargaining, he would "put on his comfortable shoes and march with them." Obama said that he supported a public option as part of health care reform. Obama said that the opposed FISA abuse. He made all manner of promises that he never had any intention of keeping.

And that is the lesson of the 2008 election. Obama is a liar. And the lesson of all future elections is beware of liars. Would it be too much to ask Pareene and the rest of the press to learn this?

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Submitted by nihil obstet on

This is Reagan's legacy, the general acceptance that lying is a strategic success rather than a moral failure. There was more than enough indication of Obama's duplicity during the campaign. When I pointed out instances, lots of people earnestly explained to me that "He has to say that to get elected." They knew he was lying. But they also knew that Obama REALLY believed what they believed.

The most important thing in an election is for the personality you feel at one with to win it, so whatever he does that gets him votes is good. I don't know how to get people back to some notion about how to evaluate candidates.

Submitted by lambert on

... but when you think about it we've had back to back liars since 2000. And really extreme stuff, like Bush and the WMDs, and everything DCBlogger points out.

Maybe at some point the scorched earth tactics... Scorch the earth.