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In comments at C&L:

What IS "The Public Option"?
Hasn't anyone noticed that not one single person has been able to verbalize exactly what it is?
Who would be eligible for it?
How much would it cost?
How would the costs be decided? What criteria?
Would there be age discrimination? Discrimination for pre-existing conditions?
What would be covered?
If you think it's a better deal can you dump your private insurance and join?
What are the restrictions?
And add about another hundred or so pertinent questions regarding "The Public Option".

I think it's completely ridiculous that we're discussing something that will most likely never exist and NONE of us even know WTF it is!!!!

Mine notwithstanding, no replies.

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As soon as you think of the words "public option" as a shibboleth, everything falls into place. See, e.g., Judges 12:6.

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It's what's behind one of those three doors. Just pick one. Go ahead. Pick!!