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What a man! George Felix Allen polled on "macaca" before issuing apology

Would it have been to much to ask, that for once a Republican should simply do the right thing because it's right?

OK, cancel that. National Journal:

Did Allen's team -- or a sympathizer -- poll Northern Virginia to see whether the "Macaca" remark left a bruise?

A NoVa voter reports receiving a telephone survey asking pointed questions about the nature and scope of Allen's apology.

The dial room in question, according to the caller, was "Central Research."

Allen's campaign won't discuss its polling; the Virginia GOP disclaims any knowledge; the NRSC says it hasn't done a poll, either. And Webb's campaign has no idea, either.

The first portion (after asking about general favorability and initial ballot) was about Allen; the surveyist asked:

1) Have you seen/read/heard the Macaca comment? [Duh!]

2) Do you consider the comment racist?

3) Have you seen/read that Allen had apologized? [That was the non-apology apology. Apparently, it didn't work.]

4) Should Allen say he is running for president while he’s running for senate or should he not comment on any 2008 presidential aspirations at this time?

So, prospective Presidential candidate George Felix Allen had to run a poll instead of just apologizing for calling a constituent a monkey. They polled on whether people thought "macaca" was racist; they did. And they polled on whether the non-apology apology made the problem go away; it didn't. And only then did Allen suck it up, call the guy, and make a real apology. (Though, truth to tell, I need to check the wording on that.)

What's wrong with these people?

Aside from being stupid, that is.

I mean, dude, if you're going to call one of your constituents a monkey, don't do it when he's got a camera pointed at you!

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