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"'We've Been Here Before': Imperialism, the Philippine Insurrection, and the Iraq War"

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I hear this guy's lectures are pretty good.

Not that any of you can make it but I thought I'd point it out.

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but who was possessed to call this series the "Last Lecture"? Downright morbid I'd call this. Perhaps the sequel can be "Read Your Own Obituary Early"!

Actually I'd love to go if my institution provided travel funds. That's my grandma's alma mater dammit and the subject is certainly interesting enough. Haven't been back to the Nodaway County area since one of my great-aunts died, Fern I think it was, or possibly Della who was known as "Warty." (That's not quite as rude as it sounds; the family ran to tall and she was the shortest one.)

That has to have been.... (counts digits, runs out) quite a few years ago. I doubt that much has changed.