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Wet Christmas

Sorry for the long absence. Er, I'll explain later. I took these pictures on Christmas Day, when it was 50°F -- not like now! (And how foolish I was to think we would escape the cold...) So, this is the last series of garden pictures I'll take, until it comes time to start working the soil again, probably in April. I learned a lot this year!

What I saw when I walked out the door:

Snow melt everywhere!

Yes, a classic water droplet photo, at least that's the idea, but typically such photos are not taken on December 25 in Maine!

On the first photo, I was going to complain that brown, black, and dirty white was the basic color palette for Maine all the way through mud season, but as the muted but intense shades of purple and green show, that's not true! (It could be that these colors were always here, but I never noticed them before, because I never thought of taking (what are to me) serious pictures! I think that might be true, and if so, this year has been about clarifying my vision, enabling me to see things I had not previously seen. Quite a gift, and probably not entirely due to those new Schneider lenses Dromaius chivvied me into getting; workman, not tool, and so forth.

Look at that green moss! I'd like to have a lot more moss, everywhere!

Even more green! (And I'm drawing a blank on green what!)

This is a tapesty, under which you can see the contours of the path from my office to the street. I don't believe in raking leaves; my theory is that everything should rot where it falls!

More rotting leaves, except with glint!

If this reminds you of the Facehugger in Alien, you're on the right track: It's the remaining Norway Maple. I'd love to cut that down and move that little oak into its place.

* * *

For me, 2014 was a great year in gardening, and a great year in photography. I figured out that there are two real reasons I love my garden: First, I love to sit in the middle of all that life and work on my laptop; the garden is absolutely the best office I have ever had. Second, I turned out to have created the garden as a subject for art; art is, if you will, the yield that I seek. I like to grow vegetables, but as it turns out I tend not to eat them; I give them away to friends.

And now it's 2015....

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Submitted by jo6pac on

Sorry for the long absence.

Yep, glad to see you made it back. I was about to send you an email.

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Submitted by nippersdad on

than it does in Maine right now. Except for the camellias. Your plantidote on NK yesterday was a weeping pussy willow, by the way. Very pretty when in bloom, but not much of a looker when in leaf.

Submitted by lambert on

Maybe when I win the lottery and can buy a view camera and get the depth of field I want!!!