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Westbound Again: Carlsbad Caverns National Park, New Mexico

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I'll get back to Guadalupe Mountains National Park another time,

Guadalupe Mountains NP, seen from Carlsbad Caverns NP
but in the spirit of keeping my promises to talk more about Carlsbad,

here are some photos from the National Park

view southeast from the visitor's center, toward Mexico

(not the caves themselves -- there's more than one, but I didn't get to go inside because I reached the park after closing time).

Panorama looking west from the visitors' center parking lot

Visitor's Center, from the southwest approach
Since this trip I've been up to Palo Duro Canyon in the Texas Panhandle,

but don't have any pics of the canyon in the rain (in the springtime, it rains in Palo Duro Canyon! Who'd've thought? But there are turkey, deer, fox, prairie dog, quail, dove and raptors in the canyon, as I saw last Saturday despite the chilly, gloomy weather.)
So I thought I'd show off some Southwestern scenes in the sun. Carlsbad Caverns' visitor center:

which is one approach to the caverns. After a serious hike you can see the original entry:

cave entry

White's City's cabins north of the entry road, looking northwest
White's City sold a couple of years ago. Currently it appears vacant; a nearby resort is undergoing renovations. The old Apache Canyon trading post, however, gave every appearance of being completely abandoned.
Visitor's Center, from the east

Let me disabuse you of any notion that a park in a country this starkly beautiful lacks wildlife:

and plant life, although I confess I was more impressed with the reach of the wide blue sky:

I want to go back. Carlsbad's like El Paso. You can't really get it out of your system with just a short visit.

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I know how to do slideshows now. Let me know if you want me to install the module.

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I suffered for years with a machine that couldn't do video or slideshows. (Sometimes even stills were a strain!)

I'd hate to inflict, in these hard economic times, things that dial-up readers would grieve over on Corrente.

But feel free to adapt (or experiment) if you find the pictures worth the effort!