If you have "no place to go," come here!

We're still #1! We're still #1!

Speaking of vituperation:


Yes, that Adam's Apple was made for sucking! And Corrente is Your Number One Source for Ann Coulter suckitude!

Now, to be fair, we're only the Number One Source for the search engine phrase "Ann C

oulter S

ucks," not necessarily for content. That's because Drupal (our CMS) is extremely SEO-friendly, and the URL that it brings up (pictured above) is in fact a link to all the Corrente posts tagged with the imputation of massive s



kage to Time Magazine'sMR. SUBLIMINAL scrawny, haunted, racoon-eyed Cover Girl of 2005.

So here are some other interesting links to Ann Coulter, starting with the ever essential Howler, how does he keep doing it. Google, er, throws up this postblonde harpy with doorknob-like knees, too. Spinsanity has an excellent dissectionbony; blood that's "thin, sort of straw-colored" of Coulter's rhetorical strategies. And the Washington Monthly called Coulter out years ago, not that it did any good in today's winger-owned media environment.

And as long as I'm in link mode, these are the two essential Corrente posts to read if you want to understand why Coulter and her ilk still dominate the airwaves and the tiny, shrivelled cortexes of the people who decide the Narrative of the Day: Shystee's diagram of the Overton Window, which defines our task, and Shystee's Daou's Triangles Expanded (Hi, Hillary), which defines our current plight.

NOTE And thank you, Elizabeth Edwards. Now we know why all the wingers were so very concerned for her, and wanted her to stay home. Bless her for taking the high road, and as soon as Le Coulter slinks off into oblivion, and Limbaugh, Scarborough, Carr, Beck and the rest of the shouting heads get G-Rated and stop with the Radio Muhabura rhetoric, we will instantly reciprocate the courtesy.

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