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The amazing thing is that there are only 318,000 searches on this...

Sorry not to strike a blow for Civility here, but we just wouldn't get any hits on "Ann Coulter keeps calling for us to be killed," so we'll just have to go with something more sensational.

Hey, and when Rush turns makes with the Civility, we'll consider reciprocating.

And then Rush, Malkin, Scarborough, Beck and the rest of the very-well funded VRWC can sit down at the table of American discourse with us, and we'll all share tea and crumpets, extending our pinkies when we lift our tiny cups.

Na ga happen, wouldn't you agree?

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Ran across this Mingle thing, which appears to be primarily a dating site, from another blog which got a G. So I put us in....

alas. We are, it sez, rated "R", for

"This rating was determined based on the presence of the following words:

dick (4x) death (2x) abortion (1x)"

I hang my head in shame. How could we possibly avoid an "X" given how much we say "fuck" and "Ann Coulter" and other profanity?

I shall work on correcting this deficiency as soon as I get the RL work done. Have fun with the Christianists...not that I'm trying to corrupt their morals* or anything.

*yeah, i know..."assumptions not in evidence" and all that.

Submitted by lambert on

It's dynamic, though: Now we're rated R, but for "gay" and "asshole." (I'll leave the exercise involving Venn diagrams to the reader.)

No authoritarians were tortured in the writing of this post.