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Actually, CD expresses a concern about what we're #1 for--I, being a hit slut, don't really care--but I don't think she has to worry. CD writes:

My top read posts include Connie Chung’s drunken singing blowout, and we are really well known for “Bush Farts” as well. Sigh.

Actually--unfortunately the statistics package that we've been using to track the greatest hits hasn't been upgraded to 5.1, so I can't prove this--one of CD's top ranked post is on Saddam Hussein's hanging, and it's a anything but trivial. And Shystee's triangles are not only powerful analytical tools, they're gifts that keep on giving on the hitcounter.

More seriously, mocking these putative authority figures is critical to overcoming the culture of deference that has made the Beltway kakistrocracy the cesspool that it is.

And more seriously, our posts have plenty of penetration through the blogosphere, especially at the micro-rhetorical level (e.g., Clusterfuck is now part of the discourse). It may only be post hoc, but the blogosphere tightened up it's usage of authoritarian after our discussions.

And finally, so what if "Bush farts" brings a citizen to this site? If they see that plenty of people don't take Bush seriously, how can that be bad? Because we aren't Civil?

NOTE Same deal with Connie Chung. Anything that takes these figures down a notch is good. Get rid of 'em and there'll be more room for Froomkin and Greenwald and Jane and Brad.

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I once got a hit from a person in Afghanistan under the google search term: how to enrich uranium.