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Wendell Potter speaks wise, once again....

Sure, it's from the Huffington Post, but type the phrase "Where Can $700 Billion be Cut Annually from the U.S. Health Care System?" into a search engine, and you'll find some tasty PDF goodness about how the worst waste in healthcare today is the multipayer system itself....

A major point of the Thomson Reuters paper is that up to $700 billion that we spend on health care in the U.S. is wasted and that a big reason for that waste is our multi-payer system of private health insurance companies.

"Health care providers must deal with dozens of health benefit plans to bill successfully for services rendered," the report said. "Health plans must support systems for underwriting, claims administration, provider network contracting, and broker network management... Simplifying our health care system's administration could reduce annual health care costs by almost $300 billion."

Then there were these bullet points that surely will never appear in a health insurance industry presentation:

• The average U.S. hospital spends one quarter of its budget on billing and administration, nearly twice the average in Canada. American physicians spend nearly eight hours per week on paperwork and employ 1.66 clerical workers per doctor, far more than Canada.

• In 1999, health administration costs totaled at least $294.3 billion in the United States, or $1,059 per capita, as compared with $307 per capita in Canada. After exclusions, administration accounted for 31 percent of health care expenditures in the United States and 16.7 percent of health care expenditures in Canada.

Good to see he's still on the case.... whistleblowers in this age should be valued above rubies.

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Submitted by jawbone on

Obama and Holder be looking for some way to use the Espionage Act against him?

Or, does it depend on whether what the whistleblower has to tell reflects badly on the government?

Transparency, indeed. The only things Obama wants to be "transparent" are the things he doesn't want the voters to actually see and realize. Transparent as in invisible....

Submitted by regulararmyfool on

I knew this paper was out there, just not where it was located.

In the 1980s, I ran a large medical office. I had changed a lot of rules because of duplication of effort and just plain waste.

One of my rules was that the first copy of a bill to be sent to an insurance company was free. More than one there was a charge for.

I had an old lady go berserk on the office manager. Left in a total flaming rage. When I contacted the person about the charge for extra copies, she was biting nails mad.

I copied out the number of copies that she wanted and personally delivered them to her at her penthouse.

She was politically connected.

She was covered by 2 separate government insurance plans, plus two huge corporations's plans plus Medicare.

She knew that she was going to make over 300 percent on any medical bill if she submitted it and not the office.

Miser was the correct term for her. Just sheer greed.

Yeah, the system is really and truly screwed up.