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Wellpoint: all your electronic health records belong to us

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Wellpoint's Dr. Charles Kennedy, senior vice president for health IT speaking to ComputerWorld:

ComputerWorld: How will the billions of dollars help spur adoption, particularly when you consider many small hospitals and physician practices have not even started an EHR rollout?

Kennedy: Well, that's where the challenge is. If you look at the penetration of [electronic medical records], they're highest where there's enough of a facility there to be able to support the infrastructure costs. When you look at solo and small physician groups, which still represent the majority of how physicians practice, we are going to have to take advantage of the inherent scalability of the Internet as well as some of the existing infrastructure.

For example, most health plans have a provider portal. Those infrastructures could potentially be leveraged to make the deployment of these tools easier and more effective. I also think we're going to look at [application service provider] models and strategies. Many of the EMRs have been constructed where application itself has been on site. That has to be hosted and supported and maintained by the group. I'm really just saying that should be done centrally and all the physicians' office has to have is Internet access.

Why you don't want health insurance parasites anywhere near your electronic health record.
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