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Well, so much for Kansas

Thomas Frank has a good write-up in Salon:

The wrecking crew is in full swing in Kansas, and for once the people there seem to be ticked off about it. Once the hero of the state’s sin-hating millions, Sam Brownback is unpopular today. Indeed, his situation is so bad that the only sure way he can be rescued is by a mass disregard for economic reality—by cognitive blinders strapped on simultaneously by millions of individuals.

Either that, or by the culture wars.

So here we go. Politico:

Kansas gubernatorial candidate addresses 1990s strip club incident

Yes, a Democrat. Of course. Personally, I don't give a shit, but that's the kind of headline that gives a PR person heartburn. And how come Democrats never do oppo on their own candidates, anyhow? Or did they?

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But when dumb turns out to be always, you start wondering if it's dumb.