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Well, now we know who Obama should have bailed out instead of the banks


More than 300,000 education jobs have been lost since the end of the recession in June 2009, said the report, which was prepared by the White House Council of Economic Advisers, Domestic Policy Council and National Economic Council.

The states and localities.

Oh well!

NOTE Chart via. Yes, now they're calling for "investment." Pure electioneering kabuki. When they had the chance to do something they did squat.

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Also, get a load of this: (from the CNN report_

The report, which comes in an election year for Obama, also stressed the need to invest in education and praised Obama's plan to provide $25 billion to prevent layoffs and strengthen public education,

(My emphasis)

Bit late to think about "prevent[ing] layoffs" innit? SOmething the WH never saw fit to mention or acknowledge for the past 3 years.

Pure kabuki.

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for so little assistance to state and local governments. Get people laid off, scare the hell out of the remaining workers, then either pull a Scott Walker/ALEX attack on unions or just force workers to "bargain" away their hard won gains.

(Today, NPT covered that Camden, NJ, one of the most crime ridden cities --and poorest-- in the US is going to try to completely defund its police department --which it has downsized to the detriment of the ability to police well -- and turn over police duties to the county. Which will be only too happy to fund it, right? But, it's yet another way to get rid of union contracts. Thank you, Corporatized Dems. NOT.)

WNYC is aksing people to talk about why they have decided to vote as they do. One guy called up and talked about his great pension funded by his corporate employer, and then the employer took it away, tellling the employees they would have control, choice of how to invest and could make a killing in the market with their 401K's, All the propaganda. And, of course, the guy had zero chioce in the matter. Oh, he did say that he's put in a lot of time managing his 401K and is doing quite well, recovered from the ig Sh$t Meltdown even.

Now he's going to vote Republican because public workers still get pensions and he doesn't think that's fair.

Too bad we didn't have Democrats, who, once in power, had developedand implemented a federally run pension, with defined benefits, which would follow workers wherever they went to work.

Too bad we didn't have a Democratic president who looked out for the well-being of the 99%, all of the 99%. Or, well, just a Democratic president, not this corporatist suekup.

Neither Romney nor Obama should be president of this country.

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As Caterpillar has done so effectively in the past and has done once again, only more so, in crushing a strike at its Joliet plant. Masaccio writes it up at FDL

Members agreed to accept a pay freeze for six years for most workers, and one 3% raise for those hired after May, 2005, a freeze on pension benefits, and a sharp increase in the worker share of health care premiums. Caterpillar is immensely profitable. It just gave its CEO a 60% increase in compensation, to $16.9 million.

It's infuriating. Caterpillar has neutered the union so effectively they will get no pay increase for 6 --count'em--SIX FREAKIN' YEARS.

I'm sure this will make the listener at WNYC happy to see his fellow Americans being pushed further and further behind in trying to maintain their standard of living. I wonder it he bet big on Caterpillar squeezing the life out of that union....

Anyway, once the private business unions were neutered it was so much easier to go after the public employees, all the while playing the "fairness" card.

While the Uberwealthy can go all John Galt Gulch on the economy and the rest of us by sitting on their vast amounts of wealth, refusing to hire more people, the non-Galts have to work in order to live, care for themselves and their famlies, communities. The Uberwealthy just move to higher ground, lower taxes, cooler climates, friendlier regulation countries, and keep on sticking it to the rest of us..

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..and supprt staff, What's that compared to killing off the last vestige of the union movement in the US? Jebus we've got to keep our priorities straight around here.

And what about promoting obscurantism? Don't teacher lay-offs help to accomplish that? We can't have knowledge available willy-nilly to folks, doncha know, because reality skews liberal.

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Just to add some data points to back up the 300,000 number, per the BLS:

Seasonally adjusted, 305,700 education jobs at the local level were lost between June 2009 (8.0981 million) and June 2012 (7.7924 million).

Unadjusted, 319,800 education jobs at the local level were lost between June 2009 (8.1236 million) and June 2012 (7.8038 million).

Because the adjusted and unadjusted numbers are not that far off, I will cite just the adjusted numbers in the following. Seasonally adjusted, 55,100 education jobs were lost between June 2009-June 2010. 139,900 between June 2010-June 2011, and 110,700 between June 2011-June 2012. The June 2009 number is actually 43,400 higher than in December 2007 when the recession began.

At the state level, seasonally adjusted 42,7000 education jobs were added from June 2009 (2.3639 million) and June 2012 (2.4066 million).

Unadjusted, education jobs increased by 30,300 between June 2009 (2.1278 million) and June 2012 (2.1581 million).

Education is highly seasonal so comparisons can only be made year over year, that is comparing June 2009 to December 2007 would be misleading. June 2007 to June 2009 showed an increase of some 37,000 education jobs.

Net education losses state and local were about 260,000 June 2009-June 2012 and about 220,000 June 2007-2012.