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Well, now I know why the Ds haven't done jack squat about unemployment

Because they want to use unemployment as a campaign issue in the mid-terms! Never let a crisis go to waste. I just got this in my in-box:


And the cream of the jest? I mean, besides Donna Brazile's involvement?

The Ds, through procedural chicanery in the budgeting process, have already made more help for the unemployed in 2011 impossible (absent stuff like, say, ending a war or two).

UPDATE Meanwhile, some "visionary minimalism" from Larry Summers. Calculated Risk summarizes:

It looks like the only additional stimulus will be an extension of the emergency unemployment benefits - and even that isn't clear.

And good luck, pal!

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Submitted by PA_Lady on

When it comes to the Do-Nothing Democrats, I'm moving ever more quickly from disappointment through disillusionment and into sheer frothing rage. They deserve to lose. Every last one of them.

At this point, only Sestak is getting my vote, and solely because he forced Specter into a primary. Yeah, I'll probably hate him later, but for right now, going against the national leadership is a huge plus in my book.

Submitted by lambert on

... into calm. (I think I have, most days).

Keep a cool heart. You'll need it for the medical stuff being thrown at you.

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Submitted by gqmartinez on

I'm there. Yeah, I still have a gag reflex when I read Dem propaganda, but I'm past focusing on the rage and utter frustration. I believe in the general goodness of people so I think, in the end, things will be better than before Obama ruined the Dems.

I'm actually ready to help candidates electorally again, assuming I can find one I trust.

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Submitted by letsgetitdone on

I'm actually ready to help candidates electorally again, assuming I can find one I trust.

Exactly, the problem. Finding one you can trust in your area. Nationwide there are a few. Jonathan Tasini in New York. Warren Mosler in CT. Our own sisterkenny in Michigan. Very few and far between right now. I don't have anyone here in Northern VA I can trust.

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Submitted by sisterkenney on

Have been working on getting a webpage up...and for me that is work! (almost makes ER nursing look easy-note the "almost") The convention is in 2 weeks, at which point I'll be official, and will "break cover", and post my campaign media stuff.

Submitted by PA_Lady on

For the most part, I can maintain calm, but this week... the rage is much closer to the surface.

It's a good time to putter about in the garden. And the blackberries are ripening, so there will be pie.

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Submitted by Card-carrying_B... on

is part of what got us Scott "Bankster" Brown instead of Goldman-Sachs-slayer Martha Coakley.

I got rage, but not enough to support a no-choicer like Sestak.

I tell a lie. I've got enough rage, I've got more than enough, but not the right flavor of rage to do that.