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We'll know we're making progress...

... when Obama's budget brings "cries of class warfare" from Democrats.

The Republicans do that all the time, so who cares?

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Submitted by Paul_Lukasiak on

is that while the headline and the second graf mention "cries of class warfare", nobody ever actually makes "cries of class warfare".

The only other time the words 'class warfare' appear in the article is in a graf about a question asked of Gibbs

Asked whether the class-warfare argument could complicate White House efforts to win support for some of its big priorities, White House spokesman Robert Gibbs said,

Perhaps more to the point, the criticism cited from Republicans has nothing to do with class warfare -- just the opposite, in fact. Boehner complains about raising taxes during a recession, and how increased taxes on stuff like off-shore drilling will affect everyone

Its the media that is pushing the "class warfare" meme right now, not the GOP...

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And let slip the hounds of class war!

Predictably, Republicans complained, much as they had done during last year's presidential campaign, that Obama was pitting the haves against the have-nots.

...I was going to put "class warfare" as one of the tags on the post I just made, but I chickened out at the last minute. Little did I know. How bipartisan of me it would have been!