If you have "no place to go," come here!

Well, it looks like the site is finally stable....

... so if I have any readers left at this point, please feel free to post and comment. And if the site acts weird, clear your cache and cookies, because after all the crashes, they are probably not in good shape.

So now I must take the bus to the mall to buy a piece of equipment for the wood stove, which takes around four hours, not including shopping time, because Gawd forbid we have either a local hardware store or a decent public transportation system. Snarl.

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Submitted by katiebird on

Thank you for sticking with it -- I'd have been tempted to crawl in a hole and cry.

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Submitted by jo6pac on

working for me and thanks for the hard madding work;)

Submitted by lambert on

.... Actually, the horrible restore process may fall into the "All things work together for good" mode since I worked with the provider to get the database onto a separate disk, which means that Drupal's main bottleneck is better handled, and to tune the server so that the number of connections to the server vs. the number of users is better optimized. (If you've ever followed the number of calls Drupal makes to build a page, it's incredible, so every user needs a lot of elbow room. When the site had some crashes over the summer, this initiated a process where well-meaning but not expert service people recommended settings that were close to defaults, which is exactly what the site does not need, so it would crash again, leading to settings that were closer to the defaults, etc.)

Anyhow, I have another half day or so of work to go through Drupal's horrible and risky upgrade process so I'm using the absolute newest version of the software, which involves taking the site down; the site is patched, so it's protected, but it's best to have the newest version.

I'd move to another CMS... If there were one. I looked at a keen one called structr but it's really not cooked. You guys would kill me if I switched to that editor if I didn't hang myself first.