If you have "no place to go," come here!

Well, if you don't like it, when why don't you do something about it?

I don't care anymore that "this is what they did to us."


Either lay back and enjoy it, or don't lay back at all. Jesus. And Boxer's one of the good ones.

UPDATE Here's an alternative to the expected Sternly Worded Letter that will, at least, make for better TV. Assuming you've watched the YouTube:

Boxer should have a staffer put bowl of tape down on the committee room floor.

And that Republican EPA head should get down on all fours like a dog, crawl to the bowl, pick up a piece of tape in his mouth, and then crawl up to the chairman's dais and drop the piece of tape at his mistress's feet.

Repeat until bowl is empty.

What's wrong with the Democrats? Have they no imagination? They do OK up to a point, and then they go soft.

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Wikipedia tells me that the Progressive Caucus is the largest faction in the Democratic Party. (I understand that the lists of the various caucuses might not reflect actual voting patterns. And yet.)

Are you aware of any comments made by members/leaders of the Caucus that could help me understand why, despite having the most members, on the key issues facing the country (and ones that wikipedia gives as their reason for being) they never seem to get anything done?

Have they made any public demands for action to the leadership to show that they have a clue about how they're being punked? Or would that violate the Unity Pony vibe that I keep hearing so much about?

Is it lack of money? Senority? Vision? Power? The fact that there are no Radicals? (thinking of Overton's window .....)

My guess is that they represent relatively powerless constituents who have come to expect little or nothing. Without powerful (read rich) people behind them, the Progressive Caucus is treated like a child, given a shiny toy and told to sit in the corner. And if they make too much of a stink about it, they won't even get to keep the toy.

Case in point - my longtime Rep.(Gutierrez) who is a member. He doesn't have much of a record on these larger issues, though he's a reliable vote for the progressive caucus. He's a placeholder, biding his time until Daley retires and he can run for Mayor. Can't run for mayor without a machine.......

Not much of a question, more of a rant.