If you have "no place to go," come here!

We'll "buck up"...

... when you don't "Fuck up."

Mr. President.

I'm not lecturing you, but.... Just saying.

10% nominal (20% real) unemployment, and what have you guys done? Jack squat. A million people losing their homes to foreclosure last year and this, and what have you guys done? Jack squat. Oh, except HAMP, that made things worse. 45,000 dying each year because their health insurance doesn't mean health care, and you guys deliver an insurance company bailout that doesn't kick in 'til 2104. And that's before we get to the friggin Cat Food Commission that's going to slash Social Security after the election. And before we get to the next financial crisis that's already baked in because you guys made the "too big to fail" banks even bigger.

Fuck you, Ds. At least with the Rs, I'm dealing with people who are people who are honest about their hate!

NOTE Oh, and hurt "fee fees"? Dear Lord. Try telling that to people who voted for the Ds because they got sucked into the hope and change schtick, and then lost their jobs, their homes, and their health insurance. How contemptible Opologists are! They wouldn't know the difference between "hurt fee fees" and real pain if it bit their Pony's ass.

UPDATE Hat tip on "lecturing," Hugh.

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One MOTU is telling me to "suck it in and cope", another is telling me to "buck up". Regardless, they are both saying the same thing: all you little people have got to just shut up and take it while we screw you; you are powerless to stop us anyway.

As far as jawbone's post, so what if Munger did "say the wrong thing"? The skirmishes between different factions of MOTU mean nothing more to me than the battles between Greek gods meant to ancient greeks. No matter what we think or believe is our perspective, those battles are purely about the best way to divide up and protect the spoils of the kleptocracy. It's Kremlinology basically.

One side wants to bleed me dry right now, the other side wants to bleed me dry over a decade or so. For them, it is simply a disagreement over which is the more profitable methodology, nothing more. It certainly is not a disagreement over the legitimacy of the process. The legitimacy of the kleptocracy is agreed on by both parties.

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I read Obama's comments and it was infuriating.

BTW, I'm not sitting this one out. I'm just not voting for the D's sorry asses.

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Just when I think I can't be astounded at the callous disregard of human suffering by the political class, I'm dumbfounded again. This one is courtesy of Michelle herself.

George Orwell would appreciate the irony: The child nutrition bill that could come up for a vote in the House as early as this week would actually take food from the mouths of children. The Senate-created bill that attempts to improve and regulate what our schools are serving for breakfast and lunch would be paid for, in significant part, with a $2 billion reduction to the federal food stamp program, or SNAP, cutting $59 from a typical family of four’s monthly food budget.

Feed the kids in school or feed them at home? We surely can't do both. Please click here to see a picture of what a family can eat on food stamps now vs. if this bill passes.

I hope everyone depending on SNAP/food stamps has a soup kitchen nearby they can walk to because I see the bill has passed by unanimous consent. Good to know that the Democrats and Republicans are completely united in this bipartisan effort to take food away from the poor.

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Which doesn't make it better, but this came about in early August. There was a big negative reaction from many congress critters and a vote on it was delayed. I'm not sure by the links what new development there is.

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The article you posted regarding that was from early August and describes how the house was going to take it up after the August recess.

I didn't see a more recent link.