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We'll always have ignorance and bigotry, eh?

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Ron Paul says it best, I guess, though FSM knows how a hog that blind found this good an acorn: "Racism is simply an ugly form of collectivism." It's closer to tribalism, I suppose, this thing that bothers me so deeply -- there's an undercurrent among the Obama______ers, a "threat," if you will: it's wrong to deny the first black man the White House.

But to get him there you have to trample over the first woman of any race to have a legitimate shot at winning a major party's nomination -- and that's okay,

because she's "a bitch," in the words of one of John McCain's supporters.

She's not "a visitor," as Michelle Obama described herself at her Ivy League University, and so she's not entitled even to the vacant courtesy a visitor receives. Michelle Obama's remarks and writings already have attracted
attention of the kind the VRWC used to reserve for Hillary Clinton. It's as subtle as a flying battle-axe, this end-around attack on the candidate using his wife. And the elephant in the room is: Hillary Clinton, the other contender for the Democratic nomination, is the last white candidate standing. So, it's okay to paint her as evil, as old guard, as establishment; she's white, therefore she's immune, encapsulated in her advantages and privileges, and she should step aside for the better candidate. Even Bill O'Reilly, the other night on Leno, called the primaries a popularity contest and said Hillary needs to recognize that Barack Obama is the chosen one, the likeable one, the one voters are more comfortable with and more likely to vote for, just like W was in the races against Gore and Kerry.

So there you have it. The qualifications -- experience, position, policy, record -- don't matter, and Hillary Clinton should recognize that she's doomed and give up and throw her support to Barack Obama, whose blackness is incidental to his ability or qualification and whose record is immaterial, because he's a black man. His existence as a mixed-race adult male means he's better for this job than she could ever be. Which is, in my not very humble opinion, bullshit.

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Yeah this is everywhere but why not here then too, one-stop shopping at the CorrenteMart, and because this is the kind of thing that needs to be said over and over until it sinks in. From SNL:

Be The Bitch, Hillary; own and flaunt it and use it, kick some ass.

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Tell me how it isn't racist -- or at least race-baiting -- for "likeability" to be in Obama's favor over Clinton and McCain, in the mouths of the likes of Limbaugh and OReilly and Matthews?

"It's a popularity contest now." That's what O'Reilly told Leno. Bill freaking O'Reilly. Think about that -- a rightwing blowhard of the first water, demanding that Hillary abandon her campaign because she wasn't "likeable" enough. Leno asked O'Reilly if this would counteract Limbaugh, and O'Reilly said that didn't matter and called Limbaugh irrelevant (well, that's half the battle).

Tell me how it isn't racist for Obama ______ers to mount a primary campaign against a veteran Congressman who committed his superdelegate vote to Hillary the day she announced and refused, as late as last Friday, to vote for Obama instead because, as he said, he was supporting "my friend, my colleague, somebody who lives down the hall" instead of someone he didn't know?

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While Edwards was in the race he filled the John Dean/Howard Beale angry person role but once he stopped campaigning that void has just sat there. No way she can out-nice or out-hope Obama but she sure can out do him on pissed off and not gonna take it anymore.

The antidote to Obama's let's-get-cozy rhetoric is to say Hell No! and start listing off all the things that Republicans have screwed up and what she's going to do about it. Instead of attacking Obama she should focus on attacking Bush's record; Obama gets swiped just because he isn't doing the same thing - if he isn't being part of the solution he must be part of the problem.

Americans prefer a strong voice and simple, straightforward claims to soft-focus goody-goody. That's what Bush used to beat both Gore and Kerry; it can work for Hillary too.

Be The Bitch, Hillary! Be a big, bad, kick-ass take-no-prisoners Bitch!

[Hola, Sarah]

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You mean like, Have a beer with?

What is wrong with these people?

[x] Any (D) in the general. [ ] Any mullah-sucking billionaire-teabagging torture-loving pus-encrusted spawn of Cthulhu, bless his (R) heart.

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I had formed a negative opinion about HRC. I saw her at an event locally and she was underwhelming. But she wasn't talking to me, she was speaking to the middle of American rural populace. Then Obama showed up. They said he did a great job at the 2004 D. Convention. Frankly I thought the most inspiring talk came from Al Sharpton. He was a side show but that earned him the right to speak and he was more inspiring to me than Obama. None of these people mattered to me because I thought that Al Gore was coming in. He didn't. So this is what we got. Obama or Hillary. Hundreds of years of small steps (progressive steps) have been taken, they were stolen by the Right wing reactionary portion of this country and now we have to discover who will repair what has been damaged. HRC or BO?
I'm a white boy. I love women and I love anyone of color as long as they are smart and kind. Whoever gets this job, I don't envy. A lot of mess to sweep up. This country's going down and it would be nice if that didn't happen. It would be nice if we remained, in the worlds eye, the leaders of the free world. It would be nice if the pentagon were reduced in size and funding by 3/4. You think anybody is ready to do that? We don't need to be the strongest country in the world, just the kindest.

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So in 2004, Obama said he didn't have the experience to run for President in 2008. Now he says that "other Senators" convinced him to run. Hmmm. wonder if those were other male Senators?

And to think I used to mock conspiracy theorists. I guess we do become what we mock.