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Welcome to the relaunched Corrente


I hope it was worth the wait. It's worth it for me, as I contemplate new ways to help people help each other do excellent work. I'm confident that this relaunch will provide Corrente with the technical platform to keep going for another seven years!

That said... This was a huge effort, and the message I just sent most of you explains most of the loose ends. [Adding: Except I had to recall it, because repliies went to the enitire site! So here it is:

Welcome to the relaunched Drupal 7 site! I know it's not perfect, but I'm sure it will be an improvement -- and Sunday evening is a very low traffic time, so I felt that if I had to take the site down, tonight was the night.

Upgrading a site as large as Corrente (30K+ posts) is a complicated undertaking best undertaken by a full-time developer, so there are more than a few loose ends. Among the loose ends:

1. Why is the first post a Plantidtote from 12/11? Because I need to manually move around 100 posts from the old site to the new, along with their comments. This is a process that I'll just have to keep plugging away at. Nothing is lost!

2. What happened to my user picture? Gravatars should work, but Drupal 7 does not support moving user pictures from Drupal 6. Sorry! I can dig yours out of the file system and mail it to you, but I can't do the upgrade automagically.

3. What about search? The SOLR search engine is churning through the posts now, indexing, and will take about a day to finish if all goes well.

4. How do I get my old editor back? Change the Text format to "HTML Tags (old school).

It's very late and I need to get some sleep, but the important thing is this:

Start posting!

The kinds of posts you can make are lined up at the top of the page, starting at the left with blog. Things should work pretty much the way you're used to, except (I hope) cleaner (the old site was been going since I don't even remember when, and it's accumulated a lot of cruft, like all those "lambert"s down the sidebar, and easier to use (or at least better documented), and certainly more powerful. I can't wait to start making the Incident Report map really dense with reports! Also, if you want documentation on how to post, there is some on the Pinboard Page. And now I am going to bed, and I hope that the server will still be up when I arise, at which point we'll start the shakedown process. --lambert

P.S. For Plantidotians with templates and those who like HTML, you can get the editor we used on the old site by switching the Text Format below to "HTML Tags (old school)." Then proceed as you always have.

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Submitted by lambert on

I'm baffled because I am not an RSS person. What is the expected behavior?

Can other RSS users weigh in?

Submitted by lambert on

... from which people can do the social media thing. So, create once at Corrente, then propagate many:  Twitter,, FaceBorg, tumblr, storify etc.

* * *

What was the issue with the screen dump? Please mail me at Corrente mail until I can get the contact form working properly. Thank you!

Submitted by lambert on

Missing. It's a setting, I'm almost sure, but don't know where. I need to get the contact form up (don't ask) and running so people can file reports in a more systematiic way. For now, I'll add it to the list of tweaks...

Submitted by lambert on

Indents are fine, and I think the cute little speech balloon concept is kinda neat, but I think the section is kinda falling apart, as it's hard to tell where one comment ends and another begins.


Submitted by YesMaybe on

I liked the old way better.  Too much dead space with the new formatting.  And, yes, it's also not ideal the way it's hard to identify individual comments just by eyeballing.

And the captchas... but that's a whole different matter.

Aeryl's picture
Submitted by Aeryl on

Looks like its gone now, but there was a puzzle to solve every time you commented, loginned or not.  It sucked. 

Submitted by YesMaybe on

The annoying captcha needed to post comments.  I mentioned it in one of the messages, and propertius mentioned hating it in a comment on your Joe Bageant post.  Here is a screenshot in case you don't see them youself:

Submitted by lambert on

Oh, you're right. That is too much. OK for log-ins (you've got no idea of the spam I get) but not for comments. Let me make that go away.

Submitted by YesMaybe on

I don't see anything for editing my comments.

Submitted by lambert on

Thinking again on the history of this:

In general, allowing users to edit their own comments is a bad idea because it enables game playing on the threads. Sorry!

athena1's picture
Submitted by athena1 on

If we could just have, say, 5 minutes or an hour to edit, that would be nice.

But it's your site. You're the one who knows if this has been a problem.

Submitted by jawbone on

Please reconsider! People who make substantive changes usually note an update, but to suddenly see an awful typo and be unable to fix it? Please do not make us live with those typos or ungrammatical sentences into the end of...whatever comment system this is and/or google/search engines!

Submitted by jawbone on

then, based on what key I used I have absolutely no idea, the screen refreshed and the comment I was editing seemed to disappear. At least I haven't found it yet....

Also, I have to relearn how to space paragraphs, since hitting the space bar seems to create two line spacing Given that I've learned to hit it twice between grafs, now I have move cursor up or delete extra lines later.

And, for some reason, I'm ending up with extra spacing at the bottom of my comments. What am I doing to create that?



Submitted by lambert on

Jawbone, you are able to edit (or should be). Please clear your browser's cache and cookies and log out and in if you are not. Maybe something lingers from the old site causing confusion.

On the larger issue, Corrente, if it is to survive, must find new users. But in the nature of the case, we won't know those new users (as we know you, for example). One or two gaming users on a thread could cause a lot of destruction -- that's why Naked Capitalism doesn't allow edits either.

One answer is to preview before posting,,,

* * *

The white space is the new editor which creates a new paragraph when you hit a carriage return. The extra white space is visible, so you can just delete it. However, this is different from the behavior of the old editor, which helpfully collapsed multiple carriage returns into one, so no white space. You can switch to the old editor by changing the text format dropdown below to HTML Tags (old school).

I wish I could find a way to allow users to pick their own default editor on the account page, but so far I have not been able to. It seems like it's one of those things that should be easy but isn't.

lizpolaris's picture
Submitted by lizpolaris on

I'll have to investigate further.  At the moment, I'm trying hard to Invest some modicum of  holiday spirit into the season here.  It seems nearly impossible - with truly deplorable examples of exploitation of tragedy such as we have witnessed from the likes of Obama, Scarborough, and Murdoch.  

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Submitted by BDBlue on

It seems like overall the site is much improved.  Congrats lambert.  But I do have one nit to pick.  I absolutely hate reading the comments now.  They make my eyes hurt (that's not actually a metaphor, they give me an actual headache).   There's the intro statement and then some sort of photo or another and then buried in fine print the name of the poster along with the time stamp and then the rest of the comments.  Makes it all much, much harder to read and less pleasant to follow, IMO.  

I am admittedly cranky since I'm sick, but that doesn't mean I'm wrong.  :-)

Submitted by jawbone on

I just tried to paste a link and got the message, which also came up when I tried to copy a comment before preview as I didn't want to lose it:

Hey, I can't paste the message I get!

Something about not being allowed to do these actions by my browser. Say wha'?

Original comment below:

No access to blog, posts, QH.

I was dying to let y'all know that Harry Reid is concerned that the opportunity to modify the filibuster rules may be lost to the Fiscal BLUFF!! That there won't be time to have the new rules ready for voting as soon as new senators are sworn in.

Harry, baby, give me a fuckin' break.

Submitted by lambert on

1. To post, look along the top of the page, for Blog, etc. If you don't see them try clearing your browser's cache.

2. For the pasting, maybe I should (a) take those paste icons away because they are confusing (I assume that's what you used?) or (b) default to the non-WYSIWYG editor, like the previous site.

However, if you just want to paste in a URL, you can use the browser's paste function a la CTRL-V or whatever the key combination is.

Submitted by jawbone on

but I haven't had time to try anything today.

I cannot see Blog or QH

OH!!! Found BLOG and QH!!!  It's at the very tippy top of the page!! OK, now I see it.

Most of the time I get to the site and immediately move down to the posting copy, so I don't spend much time looking at the very top of the page. I was searching the area under the banner photo.

Someone mentioned having trouble finding a way to edit -- the print is very small for Edit, following note to author (or some such wording) and it's in a fairly unobtrusive soft blue.  At the bottom.

There are oodles of changes and will take some time to suss out and find everything.

So far I could not figure out how to use the link icon.  I figured I could just highlight with click and drag, then hit icon, paste URL, hit enter or something.  It seemed to ask for things I wasn't aware I needed. So I used HTML tags.  But the next time I tried to do anything I couldn't get copy and paste to work..

There are an amazing number of icons!

Must get to bed -- I am off the Caregiver gig, and am trying to get to WI but am so incredibly far behind on all the things needed to put the  yard to bed for the winter.  I might get there for Christmas in, oh, February. (I kid, a tad.).

Can I hide the Text Format stuff? It's adds a bit of scrolling to get to the post and Preview buttons.

Edited to remove unnecessary space at bottom of comment.

Submitted by lambert on

If you can find it, I'd be very happy but (insanely) there doesn''t seem to be any such thing.

I can set the default to the old version but there are two reasons not to:

1. I would really like more users (in fact, if Corrente is to survive, we need new users) and I think that HTML coding is intimidating in a way that an editor that looks "just like Word" is not, sadly.

2. Development is going on in WYSIWG and there is a lot of interesting and powerful stuff, mostly to do with media (which if Corrente is to survive, we must be friendly). For example, I can set it up so artwork automatically creates a lightbox, or an image is imported from the web as a URL and stored here, and a lot of things like that.

athena1's picture
Submitted by athena1 on

My "my comments" button is broken. Also, within the old feature, both with "see my comments" and "see all comments", there was a "one new" (or two new or whatever.)


Is that coming back?


Submitted by lambert on

It is the actual tags themselves that I am concerned about. Presumably #ows (the only tag driving the widget now) is of interest to the Corrente community. Presumably #corgis is not. Do people want all Occupy tags? A mxi of this and that, and in that case, what and what?

I am attempting, and repeatedly failing, to solicit input on the hash tag set, beyond the current set of one tag, #ows, that should drive the twitter widget and the tweets displayed therein. Personally, I love the twitter widget; I think it is a great window on the world. But what do others, besides me, want to see through that window?

Submitted by libbyliberal on

I will do my best to catch up to changes, etc., bottom-line luddite that I am, but it looks great!  Hope to be more frequent around here soon.  best, libby

Submitted by lambert on

There's a bit of a shakedown, to be sure, but I  think when all is settled Corrente will be a far more powerful platform for writers and for readers.