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Welcome to Reality -- What kept you?

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You'll like the headline to this story: "Analysis: Bush Mideast Stance May Flop."

Oh, so now they tell me the Bush Mideast policy is a disaster!

What was it before tonight?

I mean, heck folks, our Iraq misadventure has completely screwed up the Middle East. It has empowered the Israelis to ignore us because they now know they can since we need all the friends we can get in the region -- because of the Iraq disaster. It has led Hezbollah to realize that we're no threat to them now because we're so overextended -- because of the Iraq disaster.

It now appears tonight that Syria is making preparations to join the conflict.

Great. Just great.

I'm not sure this policy could be a bigger disaster if you tried to purposefully make it worse. It's an astonishing fuckup behind all comprehension.

Um, guys, it's so nice of you folks in the media to point out that this administration's policy is an effing disaster THREE WEEKS INTO THE CONFLICT!

You're only about three weeks behind the rest of us! Hell, you're more than THREE YEARS behind many of us who were concerned about these things even before IraqWar Part II began!

What other great wisdom, oh Media Gods, will you be sharing with us in the coming days? Say, something like "Analysis: Bush Fiscal Policy is Not Going Well" or maybe "Analysis: Iraq is Becoming a Bit Unsafe These Days" or maybe even "Analysis: Tax Cuts for the Rich Apparently Don't Help the Economy Much?"

I'm afraid, oh Media wizards, you're about three years and $300B short.

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