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Weird tomato seeds

So I pretty much grow all my tomato plants from seed. (They are started indoors under T8 fluorescent lighting).

One of the two packs of seeds I used this year proved to be pretty odd. It was supposed to be an early girl, medium sized variety, but I've gotten semi-large, medium and cherry sized tomato plants from the seeds. Each plant produces a different sized tomato, so it's not just variation in "energy" or whatever on a plant. The cherry sized tomatoes actually taste like big tomatoes, basically like a small dog with a big dog personality ;-).

Here they are. The perspective makes it difficult to see, but the two big on the right are from one plant, the two medium in the middle are from another plant and the one small "big dawg in a small dog body" tomato is on the left. Notice the bumpiness of the tiny tomato on the left. It is DIFFERENT from a cherry tomato which is smoother, so it's not just a matter of me mixing up the seeds. Emphasizing that all are from the same packet of seeds.

Gardening is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get ;-).

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