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Weekend Plantidote Bonus 2012-07-14

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...and after the break, something different and yet not...


Zinnia Elegans
"Zowie Yellow Flame"

Black and Yellow Swallowtail Butterflies

At least I think they are Black and Yellow Swallowtails. Could be something else too. These gorgeous zinnias were just covered with bees and butterflies today.

Just thought I'd share. :-D

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Submitted by CMike on

Wonderful pictures. If one can focus beyond that blast of color in the first shot, each photo offers a fascinating look at the detail of an unopened flower bud.

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I've noticed an increase in butterflies this year, and I've tried to photograph them, but to no avail. Part of the problem is equipment, I am sure -- the iPad has a terrible lens, and my "camera" is a $100 cheapie -- but I also don't have the eyes or the skill to meet these decisive moments.

One thing gardening really brings home to me, at least when I started taking pictures of it, in order to learn how to see, is how dense and intricate the web of relationships is. For example, within a day or two of my planting my nut trees, spiders had spun their webs between the two highest twigs on each tree. (My cameras, of course, were too poor to photograph the webs!) And that's a simple example! So it's nice to see a Plantidote that shows plants in relation -- in this case, to pollinators. Thanks a lot!