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Wednesday Night Lo-Fi Blogging

A terrible beauty is born:

Because I'd forgotten -- or never known -- how beautiful the introduction to Gimme Shelter is. I'll give the diamond geezer version an 85 because it's good to dance to:

Although the version from the 70s is better. At least as music:

And then there's Merry Clayton. In the background:

In the foreground:

Of course, now I see "just a shot away" as the purest self-indulgence, and "just a kiss away" as stringent necessity, but we were all young once. Let It Bleed was the second record I ever bought.

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Submitted by gob on

Yes, that intro is stunningly beautiful. Thanks for the Merry Clayton version, which I had never heard. The arrangement doesn't quite make it, but it's interesting, especially the very delicate setting of the intro.

Submitted by lambert on

... in the first, vocals-forward version with Merry Clayton, is that Jagger really is a very good singer. One tends to forget that in the mannerisms, or at least I do. But then Keef was always my favorite Stone.

Submitted by gob on

except it's the sexism more than the showing off that sometimes eclipses Jagger's artistry for me. But he really has a lot of technique.

That vocals-forward version was great!