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Webinar: Sizing Up Sandy

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The Union of Concerned Scientists is offering a free webinar on various aspects of Hurricane Sandy. The webinar takes place on November 27 at 7 pm Eastern Standard Time. You need to register at the UCS website beforehand. Here are the details:

After the largest Atlantic hurricane on record affected U.S. states from southern Florida to northern Maine and as far west as Wisconsin, analysts from the Union of Concerned Scientists wrote a series of blog posts on topics from the relationship between the storm and climate change, to the economic costs and health impacts, to how we can prepare ourselves and our infrastructure to be more resilient.

The webinar will be moderated by UCS climate scientist Brenda Ekwurzel and will feature:

Todd Sanford, climate scientist – resilient ecosystems
Rachel Cleetus, senior climate economist – health and economic impacts
Laura Wisland, senior energy analyst – resilient energy systems
Calen May-Tobin, climate policy analyst/advocate – mapping and good information
Marchant Wentworth, Washington representative – political landscape and opportunities

Please register for the webinar today. You may submit questions on the registration page for the UCS experts to address during the webinar. There will also be opportunities to ask questions during the webinar itself.

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