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We will not abide "bad dudes"

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Via Chris Floyd — the New York Times finds that the Obama administration is expanding Bush's policy of outsourcing our, y'know, enhanced interrogations. Not to worry, the subjects are confirmed to be "bad dudes."

Also in Chris's round-up, we see that the totally-not-imperial why-would-anyone-say-that American democracy "will maintain [its] military dominance," per the promise of our progressive savior.

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Submitted by ralphb on

This is totally unconscionable that we're still doing rendition, though I guess we're not calling it that now. These "bad dudes" could be serious or some totally innocent bystander picked up from a street somewhere. We'll never know after they "confess" to some heinous crime due to being tortured.

The real pisser in this is that now Democrats are defending this wholesale destruction of our constitution because it's the Lightbringer who is doing it. Well just fuck them all!