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We need one of these in Versailles


When an Iraqi journalist hurled his shoes at George W. Bush last month at a Baghdad press conference, the attack spawned a flood of Web quips, political satire and street rallies across the Arab world.
Now it's inspired a work of art.

A sofa-sized sculpture — a single copper-coated shoe on a stand carved to resemble flowing cloth — was formally unveiled to the public Thursday in the hometown of the late Iraqi ruler Saddam Hussein.

You know, instead of all those bronze statues of mediocre, forgotten generals we have in DC -- something like this.

Something to look forward to, eh?

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Submitted by Damon on

I propose we fund the creation of a giant, bronzed broom to be displayed in front of the United States Capitol Building.

Either that, or a decorative (yet fully functioning) guillotine on the Capitol Mall. :)