If you have "no place to go," come here!

We need more love music, we sure can use it

So here it is:

From the lyrics:

Look at us today
We ain't got nothing nice to say
We've got our hands up in the air
Expecting miracles from somewhere
& the words, we don't pay no attention
& the good in us all we don't mention

We need more love music, we sure can use it
To turn those people on
We need more love music, my heart approves it
Before the beat is gone

Dropping down the street
No happy faces do you meet
& all those promises that we made
Are soon forgotten or mislaid
When the spirit, people, is dying
& the time pretty prices are trying


A little music never hurt no one
Gotta be a song for every mother's son
So believe your heart can hum
Well, let me tell you where I'm coming from

Tough-minded optimism seemed plausible back then, in the 70s. But even now, despair is not an option.

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