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We must build a shrine to Froomkin on The Street of Small Gods

The head. The lead. Everything is right. Sweet manna:

An Imminent Threat (to the Constitution
A blistering report out today from a blue-ribbon legal panel dramatically establishes how President Bush's use of signing statements to assert his right to ignore legislation passed by Congress undermines the rule of law and the constitutional system of separation of powers.

The report, from an American Bar Association task force, goes a long way toward establishing the parameters for what could be a ferocious and consequential debate -- or an unparalleled acquiescence to an executive-branch power grab.

The task force members outline a clear path to the restoration of the traditional balance of powers. But will the Republican-controlled Congress step up to the plate?

And will today's coverage of the report by the traditional media lead to a continued examination of this important story? Or will the press allow what the task force describes as an imminent threat to the Constitution slide back off the national agenda?

Here is the full report . Here is some background on the panel's members . Here is a news release . I wrote at some length about signing statements last month over at . Here is Charlie Savage 's seminal Boston Globe piece from April. Here is an archive of signing statements.

Froomkin is The Man. Thank God Brady knows if he tries to fire Froomkin there'll be a firestorm.

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