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"We have turned intelligence into a regulated industry"

Oh, OK. Hey, wait a minute!
Joel Brenner, former NSA IG now of the Chertoff Group:

JUDY WOODRUFF: Brenner claims that oversight of information gathering has actually improved.

JOEL BRENNER: We have turned intelligence into a regulated industry in a way that none of our allies, even in Europe, have done.

"Regulated industry"?!

First, regulated like the banks? What could go wrong?

Second, industry? Where's the profit?

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Chertoff Group, Booze Allen, and all the other wonderful vendors have done nicely and provide jobs for thousands of Amerikans so they can watch millions of other Amerikans to make sure we don't cause any problems for the elite.

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Former Secretary of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

Revolving Door Regulation. The American (Kleptocratic) Way.