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We Get Letters: Help out the Hero for the Constitution and Retire Dodd's Debt

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I'm not a weepy-eyed romantic when it comes to the Constitution, but I do believe in rewarding good behavior and symbolic gestures that can have an impact on the political process. As a Little Person, the chance to make the latter comes very, very infrequently. Most of the time our Betters don't give a flying fuck what we do. I think this time it's different. Even if you only give a buck, think of what you're doing not so much as a way to help an old rich White guy make his next payment on the condo in Gstaad, but as a reminder that unlike millions of others, the Constitution is more important to you than the next episode of 'American Idol.' and of course, give your real money to your long suffering Correntian Heroes or we'll kill your dog.

Dear CD-

No, I'm not retiring from the Senate - I'm working hard as ever, to restore the Constitution, stop that terrible FISA bill and put a Democrat in the White House.

But after our incredible journey campaigning for the Presidency, there is something that does need retiring: our debt.

My internet team tells me the campaign inbox was flooded with messages of thanks and inquiries about how you can continue to help now that the presidential campaign is over.

Today, you can help by contributing financially to our effort to retire the campaign debt.

Love your Constitution. ok, i changed that part a lil bit.

I've spent the past days with my wife and family, unwinding after a grueling process that changed the debate at home and abroad -- that is our legacy from the campaign.

FEC rules preclude me from using the email list to talk much about the war, the upcoming FISA fight and other issues we championed throughout the campaign, but let me assure you: our work will continue with the same commitment you have come to expect from me.

But today, can you help retire our campaign debt?


Unfortunately, this email list and our campaign website can only exist to help retire the debt, but the good news is that I'll soon have a new site, my internet team has promised to see through what we started last October, and you'll be hearing from us soon about the next steps on FISA.

Thank you, so much, for everything.

Chris Dodd

It's really easy, and staffers and bean counters really do pay attention to it, for you to add a little note or email to your donation, "keep up the good work on FISA fillibustering. I'll call Obama and tell him to join you!" or somesuch. A buck or two is enough. Dodd is testing the depths of progressive waters here, and although I hate the fact that's it's a legit Village game to do so, and in this way, I think we should respond.

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... and asked him to make one more sacrifice -- to replace Harry Reid, if he can.