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We can't afford our current health neglect system

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PNHP Blog: CBO’s deficient report on analyzing health insurance proposals

What is clear is that each policy decision under this scenario increases the administrative complexities of the financing system, and that the inevitable tradeoffs that must be made can only result in compromises that cause us to fall short on our goals of universality, equity, efficiency, quality, access, and affordability. Once the decision is made that we must build on our current system, there is no possible way to avoid spending more money for reform that would fall so short of a high-performance system.

Never let the politicians and pundits forget, single payer would save us $350 BILLION a year.

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that's the whole thing-- they're not at all DC's goals, or Obama's, or the party's goals.

Their goals are entirely different. It's a fundamental problem, i think.

(Like when i asked why unions aren't onboard-- or businesses-- when we had the visitors for that discussion the other day -- all their goals are entirely different too, and often directly at cross-purposes)