If you have "no place to go," come here!

"We are not fighting to tinker with reforming a system that needs to be replaced"


Arundhati Roy spoke this week in New York and her remarks are in The Guardian. "We are All Occupiers".

In case you don't think OWS is effective listen to Roy:

Few of us dreamed that we would see you, the people of the United States on our side, trying to do this in the heart of Empire. I don't know how to communicate the enormity of what this means.

250,000 farmers have committed suicide in India in order to aspire to "the American way of life". Wars have been fought and marketed since WW I so as "to make the world safe for democracy". As we speak in the halls of Ivy, young people are being trained to go to the black and brown people and convert them to Christianity and our way of life.

Today, we know that the "American way of life" – the model that the rest of the world is meant to aspire towards – has resulted in 400 people owning the wealth of half of the population of the United States. It has meant thousands of people being turned out of their homes and jobs while the US government bailed out banks and corporations – American International Group (AIG) alone was given $182bn.

Roy then offers some solutions:

• An end to cross-ownership in businesses. For example, weapons manufacturers cannot own TV stations; mining corporations cannot run newspapers; business houses cannot fund universities; drug companies cannot control public health funds.

• Natural resources and essential infrastructure – water supply, electricity, health, and education – cannot be privatised.

• Everybody must have the right to shelter, education and healthcare.

• The children of the rich cannot inherit their parents' wealth.

The jalopy is stuck in a ditch. Time to leave it there and start walking.

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Submitted by Hugh on

That's a great title. The reform mantra has become a dodge that Establishment liberals use to divert and dissipate progressive resources. We can't reform a criminal enterprise. We can only seek to end it and replace it with something new.

I agree with Roy's last 3 points. The delineation of boundaries on the first point is not clear cut. It is rather like Justce Potter Stewart's definition of pornography. It is difficult to define but easy to recognize.