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We are H. Candace Gorman

Dan at Pruning Shears writes:

H. Candace Gorman is “a civil rights/human rights lawyer in Chicago who is representing two Guantánamo detainees pro bono.” Here is the latest on her Kafkaesque trip through our extralegal nonjudicial system for detainees:

On Tuesday I reported that the Government finally allowed me to discuss matters that had previously been “protected” in regards to my client Al-Ghizzawi. In fact the Government unclassified and allowed for public release a Petition for Original Habeas Corpus that I filed in the U.S. Supreme Court. I released that Petition to the Public in accordance with the Government’s designation of “unclassified.” On Friday the Department of Justice (DOJ) told me that it had made a mistake and that it had apparently violated the Protective Order (an Order that sets out the rules for the DOJ and Habeas counsel in regards to the Guantanamo cases) entered in the case when it “unclassified” and allowed for public release information in the Petition that it wanted to “protect” and that therefore I must remove my post of November 17 because of the DOJ’s mistake. I explained to the DOJ attorneys that the Petition and my Post of November 17th were widely distributed and are available at various sites on the web…they do not seem to care about that ….they only care that I not report about what they are now trying to declare “protected information”…. 5 days after they unclassified the material and made it available for public release.

Fuck them and fuck their games. I’m not a “call to action” kind of guy, but I’d appreciate if readers would consider downloading the petition here, uploading and linking to it on their own site. I’d like for this document to proliferate beyond the DOJ’s ability to disappear it from the internet should it decide to try and do so.

There's now another copy here.

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