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"We are forces of chaos and anarchy. Everything they say we are we are. And we are very. Proud. Of. Ourselves."

Corporations, that is:

The BP oil spill is part of the same problem as the financial crisis: The BP oil spill and the banking crisis are two examples of the era we are living in, the era of corporate anarchy.

In a nutshell, in this era of corporate anarchy, corporations do not have to abide by any rules—none at all. Legal, moral, ethical, even financial rules are irrelevant. They have all been rescinded in the pursuit of profit—literally nothing else matters.

As a result, corporations currently exist in a state of almost pure anarchy—but an anarchy directly related to their size: The larger the corporation, the greater its absolute freedom to do and act as it pleases. That’s why so many medium-sized corporations are hell-bent on growth over profits: The biggest of them all, like BP and Goldman Sachs, live in a positively Hobbesian State of Nature, free to do as they please, with nary a consequence.

The added bonus to this, though, is that the largest corporations have convinced the governments and the people of the “Too Big To Fail” fallacy—they have convinced the world that if they cease to exist, the sky will fall atop our collective heads. So if they fail, they must be saved—without argument, without penalty, and without reform.

And with our money. So it's important to deny them their lifeblood, eh? Every rent that you see, that's their blood. Deny it to them. Many small drops make a tide.

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Citizen complacency and patriarchal addiction to power and control and all the marbles.

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power-and-control thing, as usual.

The rich get richer, and the poor get poorer.

We have awareness of being [vulgar verb]'d. And by whom.

Then what?

How do we get the car-keys, money, a change of clothes, important documents, sneak out the back door and leave our abuser?