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The Way Things Are and How They Might Be

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Terrific interview in the London Review of Books with British historian Tony Judt.

It's wide ranging--he talks about politics, economics and culture in Europe, Israel and the U.S. He also has an interesting take on the general suckiness of baby boom gen politicians.

Courage is always missing in politicians. It is like saying basketball players aren’t normally short. It isn’t a useful attribute. To be morally courageous is to say something different, which reduces your chances of winning an election.

[...] My generation has been catastrophic. I was born in 1948 so I am more or less the same age as George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Gerhard Schröder, Tony Blair and Gordon Brown – a pretty crappy generation, when you come to think of it, and many names could be added. It is a generation that grew up in the 1960s in Western Europe or in America, in a world of no hard choices, neither economic nor political. There were no wars they had to fight. They did not have to fight in the Vietnam War. They grew up believing that no matter what choice they made, there would be no disastrous consequences. The result is that whatever the differences of appearance, style and personality, these are people for whom making an unpopular choice is very hard.

The last time there was such a sustained period of peace was probably the early Middle Ages. Traditionally leaders rose to power through wars or conquest. We have had six, seven generations of leaders who came to power exclusively by political manoeuvring, which is historically very unusual. It’s like inbreeding: there are no external inputs, no new kinds of people, only the political class breeding itself. This isn’t an argument in favour of war, just a historical fact.

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I'm not sure how much I agree with him on lots of points, but this was a really interesting article.

And I was not one of the 20 americans who knew those names, which, in fact, I've already forgotten, tho I know the names of the various individuals nations, which I guess backs up some of his points on that topic. Heh.