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Waxman and the Auto Indsutry

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Waxman needs to realize that healthcare, environmentalism and the labor movement are intertwined. He would do well to work for a single-payer plan that relieves the burden of healthcare costs on automakers.

Waxman is now chair of the committee that has jurisdiction over HR 676. If you live in Waxman's district, please contact him and ask him to cosponsor HR 676.

All these Democrats need to understand that without the UAW they would still be the minority party and John McCain would be president. Now is the time for them to show themselves to be worthy of all that UAW members have done for them.

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If we take this burden off of them and the union, they won't be so quick to race to the bottom of the barrel in terms of what they make. Taking this burden off of them and spreading it out will allow them to be more creative so that they won't feel that they have to turnout "what people want" to make money.