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Water wars come to Baltimore

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Baltimore Water Shut-Offs, People's Survey

Unpaid Corporate Bills Weigh Heavily on Baltimore's Looming Water Shutoffs

Baltimore Cutting Water to Hundreds of Residents and Zero Corporations

Analysts Say Wall Street Fees Costing Baltimore Water Bureau Millions

Something is up. My theory is that this is part of a gentifrication war, drive pooe people out of the city in such a way to drive down the price or real estate so that it can be redeveloped for maximum profit. Whatever the reason, these water wars will continue to spread until we do something about it.

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Defeating the American public in detail, by first starting with political entities--big cities--whose constituencies vote for public policies that are antithetical to the neoliberal grifter class. Notice how this isn't being rolled out all at once with all cities everywhere? Once they've set a precedent in local and federal courts, and ensured the complacency of the local and national press, there will be an avalanche of similar, ahem, ventures.

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... where city government is financed with fines (and not taxes on the large corporations there, like Emerson). Also, the numbers are amazing; the city took something like $1 million out of the poor neighborhoods in the space of a week. And we wonder why it exploded, or why it exploded when it did.