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Washington Generals

I can't forebear posting on another part of this massive HCR (High Corporate Returns) takedown that Tony Wikrent already linked to:

Stated simply, the Democrats have decided to go into the business of being the “enforcers” of the big insurance firms. This is NOT a good place to be in an election year. This is ESPECIALLY not a good place to be when you are already presenting yourself to voters, as Obama seems committed to do, as the die-hard supporter of the big banks that foreclosed on people’s homes and blew up their economy.

It's GENIUS! Look! Over there! Sarah Palin!

With such a context, along comes [Scott Brown] who calls himself a “regular guy” with a pickup truck (he failed to mention that he has five homes, one in Aruba, but the truck was in all the ads), and he takes Kennedy’s seat in Mass. In MASSACHUSETTS! Only one year after Obama wins this state by 20 points! Wow. This, folks, is what a backlash looks like, and it is enormous. Turning the wages of the working classes over to the insurance companies, without recourse or mercy, is not going to win this state, and it will not win in many others. If the Democrats lose any less than 35 house seats this election I will be amazed. And, note my wording, the Republicans did not, and will not, win them. No, the Democrats have decided to lose these seats. Amazing.

Well, that's their job. And aren't they lucky to have one.... See under the Ratchet Effect. And now let's talk about "entitlement reform"!

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