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That was then, this is now...

... don't ask me to be Mr. Clean, 'cause baby I don't know how -- as one of the true immortals, Gregg Allman, once sang.

Yes, the Obama team is "repackaging" Hillary Clinton.

And the article is fascinating for what it doesn't mention, eh?

Let the airbrushing begin!

NOTE Of course, what would I know? I'm a racist.

UPDATE Lord Eschaton gives a fine example of the memory hole in action, which also shows the limits of critique. Sure, the press frame that Samantha Power and Hillary Clinton won't be able to work together is a classic case of "You know how women are" -- that is, lacking emotional maturity. Left unsaid is the question of how Powers calling Clinton a
"monster" could be a sign of any sort of maturity, and what that says about the nature of our toxic discourse -- and how the Obama campaign systematically leveraged it. You know, if that's what it would have taken, I'm kinda regretting not going Rezko, Ayers, Rezko, Ayers all day, giving credence to the idea that Obama is a Muslim, and all the rest of it. Maybe somebody, some day, can explain why I shouldn't have done that? 'Tis better to be vile and vile esteemed, when not to be brings reproach of being.

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Submitted by Card-carrying_B... on

Well, at least they gave a job to that foreign policy expert who called Senator Clinton " monster." How post-partisan is that, eh?

Yes, it is. As you're listening now to the sound of my voice, feeling the weight of your back against the chair, and your feet upon the floor, your whole body just beginning to relax, yes just like that, and the breaths you are taking are getting deeper and deeper, and suddenly you feel you're getting sleepy, sleepy. . .

Submitted by lambert on

I mean, giving the SoS slot to a woman who said she wanted you assassinated.

How classy is that?

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Submitted by Damon on

I mean, I hope he will forgive her and that she will thank him daily for his blessings. As you can now hear Sunday from any of our churches, Obama's good all the time, and all the time, Obama's good. Can I get an amen?

Submitted by Randall Kohn on

You didn't want to be a lying scumbag like Obama and his camp and their followers.

Plenty of other sites/blogs did just that, notably No Quarter and Uppity Woman, and what the hell good did it do us? Besides, this site is so much more interesting AND reliable than all the hardline PUMA sites. /suckup

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Submitted by carissa on

The article talks about "repackaging" Hillary. Sorry fellas, no need to repackage the person whose foreign relations qualifications were, and remain, stellar. What is needed is a huge apology from the Obama camp.

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Submitted by amberglow on

control her/keep her on a leash/will she obey? listen? etc/keep Bill far away/...

they still mostly speak of her as if she's some devious nasty enemy or Soviet or Mata Hari-- and totally opposite to him.

packaging and marketing is what Obama's always been all about, so this is like PepsiCo buying Snapple or something-- and it's not as sexist or nasty towards her as most metaphors.

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Submitted by a little night ... on

(and I'm surprised no one has pointed this out) that the Obama people "packaged" HRC one way during the campaign, which they did, so they now must "repackage" her.

I say it's spinach, and I say the hell with it. (Meaning this "marketing" way of doing politics. I actually like spinach.)

(Edited to add: and broccoli. I like broccoli too.)

Submitted by lambert on

Except when they don't.

But what would I know? I'm a racist!

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Submitted by amberglow on

actually see her the way they portrayed her--or at least were far too willing to help in the selling of "evil Hillary" whether they believed it or not.

also, that's the one thing that seems to be discouraged--especially now--to pull back the curtain on the packaging and selling of Obama, the product and how they they used the same principles to label and smear Hillary and Bill, the Democratic Party, McCain and Palin--and how they reinforced all the GOP's slogans and marketing as well.

product comparisons, unique selling points, target marketing, "new and improved" vs. old, data mining, viral marketing, etc---all the selling, packaging, and marketing rollout of a new product/brand in a nutshell.

And it looks like he'll be continuing that in the WH as well--all about selling his "stay the course" and status quo and further harm of us as the opposite--like Dubya/Rove, in fact.