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Was the Virginia Earthquake Caused by Fracking?

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to see if fracking had any part in causing this 5.8 earthquake.

Experts on The Brian Lehrer Show on NYC's WNYC mentioned that fracking, the new type using extreme water pressure and special chemicals, might cause such a result. Right now, there are few seismographs to evaluate what's going on in the central and eastern US where new fracking is taking place. Stuides are ongoing about the earthquake swarms in Arkansas and some other areas.

One expert said the Earth's crust is actually very fragile.

Think about that for a minute or two. Then think about the effects of the Earth's crust sprining (slowly, as befits geology) upward when the weight of melting glaciers means less weight pressing it down.

Who knows, global warming may lead to more and highly unpredictable earthquakes. Well in the future...I think...but humans are going to have a more challenging world to deal with. Not only the weather and its effects, but also changes to the ground under their feet.