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Was the Senate stolen via voter suppression?

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I have not looked at the races closely enough to know; but certainly voter suppression in North Carolina and elsewhere was being carried out on an industrial scale. It may be that the Republicans would have won anyway; but the Democrats will not be able to win if their base is disenfranchised.

Voter suppression is an issue that works well for Democrats. It makes the Republicans look terrible. Nothing exposes them for the ogres they are then voter suppression. So it is one more thing that Obama, Holder, Reid, and Pelosi have FAILED to show leadership. They should have brought lawsuits, prosecutions, speeches, and shouted from the roof tops about this issue. It is such a FAIL that they did nothing.

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It is such a FAIL that they did nothing.

It's a feature, not a bug.

I know that's an inclusive FAIL, deliberate + stupid + accidental. But they make me so angry, I had to add that comment anyway. And they do it so much maybe we should just acronym it. As in, "Oh, another FNAB."

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sure eric the holder will get right on this. Then again it's a too big to fail and he's quitting.

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The Democrats do not own the Senate, nor do they own the voters who happen to share characteristics that Democratic strategists use to define their base.

If Democrats want to win, Lambert has given them the answer dozens of times:


The Republicans can only win by dirty tricks if the race is close. The race is only close because the Democratic party leadership deliberately does the opposite of what Democrats supposedly stand for, over and over again. Both parties will screw working people ten times out of ten - they just tell different lies while they're doing it. Working people aren't necessarily smart, but they are smart enough to figure out that supporting Democrats is a waste of time.

I refuse to be drawn any further into any discussion of politics at the federal level until there is a Democratic party that actually does what it says it is going to do. Period.