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War! What is it Good For? Capitalism.


While trying to research the REAL truth of what is going on with Syria, since clearly the big US media propaganda machine is stenographically on board for yet another massive destruction of a country on the US and NATO’s bloody faux-humanitarian-regime-changing clipboard, I came across a remarkable article by William Hathaway entitled “America Is under Attack!”

Capitalism is inherently predatory. It demands aggressive growth. It’s either dominate or go under.


Since 9-11 the USA has killed over three hundred thousand — a hundred times more than died in the World Trade Center. The overwhelming majority have been civilians. We are the top terrorist, armed to the teeth with weapons of mass destruction. As Martin Luther King stated with simple eloquence: “The greatest purveyor of violence in the world today is my own government.”

Our politicians and media have created an image of fiendish terrorists who “hate us for our freedom.” But they really hate us for subjugating them. Since we started the aggression, the attacks won’t end until we leave their countries.

Leave their countries? Mr. Nobel Peace Prize, Faux-Lesser of Two Evils Obama, who will undoubtedly benefit from his “macho-commander-in-chief” war criminality for the 2012 election has helped embroil us in the massacre of yet another nation.

Fat chance we are going to leave these oil rich countries since these invasions are so economically rewarding for the ruling class one percent elite, and none of that profiteering uber alles clique have to do any of the suffering and dying.

Hathaway explains how the 1 percent use the media to convince a hapless citizenry to go along with the massive evil of war and its obscene impact on global fellow human beings and their own national community. Hathaway:

Motivating us to kill and die for them requires a massive propaganda campaign — America is under attack! — which we confront whenever we turn on their media.


As Hermann Goering, Hitler’s assistant, declared: “Naturally the common people don’t want war…. But… it is always a simple matter to drag the people along, whether it is a democracy, a fascist dictatorship, or a parliament, or a communist dictatorship…. All you have to do is to tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same in any country.”

Goering was right about the democracies that existed both then and now. In these, the people’s influence in politics is regulated to ensure that only pro-capitalist parties have a chance.

Corporate financing, winner-take-all elections, ballot-access laws, and slanted media coverage effectively exclude alternatives. Democracy means power is in the hands of the people. But the real power in our society — economic power — remains firmly in the hands of the rich elite, enabling them to control politics — and us — to a large degree.

So what is the relentless, drum-banging message delivered over and over in this 24/7 war propaganda filled country? Hathaway:

Vicious fanatics are trying to kill us and destroy our country. They’re blowing up our soldiers overseas. They’ve infiltrated our country. We must defend ourselves against these mad-dog berserkers before it’s too late.

This litany has been repeated by corporate-controlled media and politicians for years now, pumping fear into us. It is used to justify a massive ongoing war that has killed hundreds of thousands of our fellow human beings and almost bankrupted the USA.

Hathaway does a quick review of the history of military domination of weaker countries by stronger ones. The Roman conquests. The Christian crusades. Hathaway emphasizes the particular excitement for conquest inspired by the “ vast reserves of black, liquid gold under the desert sands.”


During World War One, the British persuaded the Arabs to fight on their side by promising them independence. Thousands of them died in battle for the Brits because of this promise of freedom. But after the victory Britain refused to leave. It maintained control by installing puppet kings — Faisal in Iraq and Ibn Saud in Saudi Arabia — to rule in its interest.

After World War Two, Britain and the USA pressured the United Nations into confiscating Arab land to form the state of Israel, making the Arabs pay for the crimes of the Germans. In addition to providing a nation for the Jews, Israel would be a forward base for Western economic and military power in the Middle East. To the Arabs it was another European invasion of their territory.

In the early 1950s, the USA and Britain overthrew the government of Iran because it tried to nationalize its oil industry, which was under Western control. We installed the Shah as dictator, and he promptly gave the oil back to us. Then he began a twenty-five year reign of terror against his own people. His secret police jailed, tortured, or killed hundreds of thousands of Iranians who opposed him. Since they knew he was kept in power only by American military aid, they began hating the USA. They finally ousted the Shah, but then the CIA started subverting the new government, trying to bring it down. At that point the Iranians fought back by holding US Embassy officials hostage, which was a mild response, considering what we had done to their country.

Hathaway goes on to discuss Egypt’s struggle to nationalize the Suez Canal in the 1950s to put an end to its own national poverty. The Egyptians were willing to compensate the British and French for their shares but Western governments and Israel invaded and bombed Egypt because of such audacity.


The USA and Britain committed similar atrocities in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Indonesia, and Afghanistan. We overthrew their governments, installed dictators, undermined their economies — all to strengthen our business interests. In every nation where we now have terrorism, we had first assaulted them. America is under attack only because it is on the attack. It’s no wonder they hate us. Imagine how we would feel if a foreign country were doing this to us. We’d be fighting back any way we could.

Since they don’t have our military power, they’re resisting with the only weapons they have: guerrilla warfare.

And fasten your seatbelts and fight off any of your own media-indoctrination-induced hyperventilation, because Hathaway intrepidly goes farther:

Even fanatics like al-Qaeda aren’t really aggressors. They’re fighting a defensive war, trying to force us out. The Western media never publish their demands because they are so reasonable. They basically come down to, “Go home and leave us alone. Pull your soldiers, your CIA agents, your missionaries, your corporations out of Muslim territory. If you do that, we’ll stop attacking you.” Nothing about destroying the West or forcing it to become Islamic. Just that the West should stay in the West.

If people knew this — knew how easy it would be to stop terrorism — they wouldn’t want to fight this war. That’s why the media ignore al-Qaeda’s demands. Western leaders don’t want people to see that the war’s real purpose isn’t to stop terrorism but to control the resources of this region. They actually want the terrorism because that gives them the excuse they need — the threat of an evil enemy.

Let’s repeat that message:


Hathaway goes on:

Capitalism is always at war. The violence, though, is often abstract: forcing us either to accept low-paying, exhausting jobs or starve; denying us adequate health care, education, and economic security; convincing us that human beings are basically isolated, autonomous units seeking self gratification. But when this doesn’t suffice to keep their profits growing, the violence becomes physical, the cannons roar, and the elite rally us to war to defend “our” country and destroy the fiendish enemy.


This drive for domination is the root cause of war, and until we eliminate it, we’re going to continue killing one another.

Sloppy journalism these days is the administration’s best friend, especially our present “lesser evil war criminal's" best friend. The perpetrators of recent Syrian massacres are now under dispute, but our administration and media RUSH to broadcast judgment, and the real truth later takes a back page or never even makes the news at all. Honest reporting is not USEFUL to the US administration's ruthless and sociopathic capitalist agenda.

Syria is now being presented to us US citizens as one more compelling nail the US/NATO proverbial hammer simply -- SIMPLY -- and “pragmatically” must SMASH DOWN.

Fasten your seat-belt one more time, because Mr. Hathaway has the AUDACITY to advise that "democratic socialism" is the way out of chronic-war-dooming capitalism. Too discomforting a consideration? We all know that media-demonized label “socialism”! (As Bill Moyers recently declared, the ghost of Joe McCarthy still walks among us.) What could Hathaway be thinking? Free-market capitalism, after all, has the word "FREE" at the beginning. DUHHHHHHHH!!!!

As for the sirens for more and more obscene and devastating wars, when collectively will we say, "STOP!!!!"? When will we acknowledge that "American interests" have nothing to do with HUMAN interests, at least of the bottom 99% humans on this planet.

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