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War on Women Expands into a War on People

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Earlier posts have referenced the funding cuts for EPA and NARA libraries -- this has been going on since the Reagan days, when nutcases

would complain at local levels that it was a waste of money to fund a county library, a college library and libraries in all the public schools. "Put all the books in one place with one person to take care of them and save our tax dollars." This approach i s not just to libraries or information, although it's no big secret the Bush Administration is fighting hard to stop the exchange of ideas and information -- particularly scientific fact or un-cheering facts about the Global War on Terror.

The Bush Administration is also trying to destroy public health infrastructure not just by gutting funding and appointing judges who will rule in favor of corporate overlords and against clean water, air, forest preserves, wildlands, wetlands and parks, but by undercutting preparedness in your communities such that your local health inspector -- the guy who makes sure you're not being served food made with spoiled ingredients -- gets DEPLOYED for disaster relief. For a minimum of two weeks at a time. There is no funding to train a backup to remain at home to take over the duties he can't do in two places at once.

Peons are supposed to starve or die of ptomaine, in this wonderful new all "volunteer" no-new-taxes, cut-funding world the Bush Administration has engineered.


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